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Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results

Chapter 6 – The Authenticity Gap: Why the Real You Must Shine Through
McGraw-Hill © 2005


What about you is appropriate to share with others when you are a CEO? Certainly you don’t want to make people uncomfortable. Beyond that, you can share quite a bit. That means you don’t always have to be a CEO. You need to be a person. You need to share a little bit about you, beyond who you are on the job.

Corporate life can be consuming. Intense demands give us less time for personal pursuits. It’s important to get in touch with yourself. This isn’t about being authentic. It’s about having a healthy personal life. Family and friends, interests, travel, entertainment, hobbies, and sports are all important. When you’re living a life, you are not only a better person but also a person to whom others relate and someone they want to know.

CEOs who make time for friends and family, leisure activities, vacations, sports, reading, entertainment, and fun are able to connect with others. One CEO ran for selectman in his town and won. He didn’t have time, but he did it anyway. Those who know him well say he did it because he genuinely believes in family, community, and living a well-rounded life. This aspect made his admirers appreciate him even more.

Living a life is not a three-month project. It’s a journey. Make time to bring old or new people and interests back into your life. Stay in touch with friends. Meet new people. Go to new places. Get off the treadmill and relax. Make a list of things you would like to do before you die, and start doing them. And share what you’re doing with others.

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