There is no Age

Calendars don’t exist in the spiritual dimension. There is no Julian or Gregorian Calendar in heaven.


so I won’t be getting old. There is no old age or middle age : Emmet fox

Few people as yet express God in an adequate way. What usually happens is that people grow up to maximum sense of life, what we call the prime of life, and then gradually deterioration sets in, a process which we call middle age, and finally come old age and death.

Joy is one of the highest expressions of God as Life. Actually it is a mixture of Life and Love, and the Bible says that “the sons of God shout for joy.” This means that when we realize our divine sonship, we must experience joy, and that sorrow is a loss of the sense of the fatherhood of God.

Joy and happiness always have an expansive effect, just as fear has a contracting and paralyzing effect. You know how a little child when it meets someone whom it loves and trusts expands like an opening flower and goes out to meet him, but when it is afraid, it shrinks back into itself. That is what happens to the human soul too. Again, when a person says “I can,” you always notice an expansive and forward movement, but when he says, “I can’t,” there is a retraction.

The body always expresses the thought; and the thought of Life heals and inspires, whereas thoughts of fear and death contract and destroy.

Here is an interesting experiment which you can try. Some evening when you find yourself in a crowded subway train, and most of the people around you are looking tired and worried and obviously wishing they were at their journey’s end, just start declaring the Presence of God as Life in all those present; and keep it up.

You will be surprised and gratified at what will happen. First one person will brighten up and smile, and then another will obviously relax, and before long the whole crowd in that car will be feeling and looking differently. Do not just say that this is fantastic nonsense, but try it!

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of the day: Maria Luisa Rayan performs at the Lyon & Healy Harps Denver Harptacular Conference



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