Triggers, Tigger and shooting buffalo

I forgive you for hurting me whether it was intentional or unintentionally. I loose you and let you go.  If you are still angry, so is the Angry Therapist.

Calm cure: do not resist what is, whether it is your current circumstance, the feeling or the fear of the loss of the dream.Sandy Newbigging is the author.


Santa Fe   

May 2

Today’s amazing sunset in Santa Fe! Pic stolen from my friend, Deb.

Tigger is the cute tiger from Winnie the Pooh  come prancing in the door like tigger just before 10pm maybe if were ...

My pastor resembles him.

Also, Winnie the Pooh your way through life instead of letting your anger run it.  Enjoy your life today.

Self published Tarquin the turtle.

Finally, I subbed a few days ago and got a hold of a book about the Native Americans. It talked about how they shoot buffalo for the food, the fur to keep warm and to make their houses, but the white man just shoot buffalo for no reason and leave the carcasses there just to show how “big man” they are, and all I could think is that not much has changed.


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