it’s just a story

that you tell yourself, but you can change the story.  You can even market the story and help people.

 Thank U

If you are experiencing lack in your life, it’s because you are not appreciating what you have.  Play the appreciation game today.

 Why?  Because I want freedom: to travel, to buy what I want, to help others including family members, friends, others.  to express myself creatively. to heal you from your pain because I know what that pain feels like.

Innercise for Discovering Your Money Blocks

1. Take 6 long, slow, deep breaths. Feel yourself becoming completely relaxed.

2. Now, one at a time, say the following affirmations to yourself and feel your natural response to each idea. Be completely open, and let your thoughts flow freely. As you read each affirmation, pay close attention to how it makes you feel. Ready?

  • I fully resonate with earning a lot of money.
  • Whatever obstacle is in my way, I easily figure out a way around it.
  • Money flows to me, from known and unknown sources.
  • I feel so proud and confident that I am earning all the money I deserve
  • I have all of the power within me, right now, to earn as much money as I choose.
  • Making money is so much fun for me.
  • I deserve to earn all of the money I want.
  • I am certain in my abilities to double or triple my income.

3. Make a note of the affirmations that caused you to feel the most resistance when you read them. Can you think of times in your life where this resistance held you back?

Now that you know where one or two of your money blocks are, you’ll start to notice when they show up. Realize that it’s just a story, and you can choose to believe it, or not.


Cancer Survivor, me too!




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