I am made of crushed coal that’s been formed into a diamond. I am light. I am bright. My bones are linked diamonds, My thoughts are opals, milky and colorful. My heart is a rich ruby and my motives, underneath all the dross, is pure gold. My genitals are pink tourmaline and feet are made of iron, to stand strong. Tiger’s eyes, amber hair. I am made of jewels.

  Credit:  Jun 19

The ‘Virgin Rainbow’ is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive opals & it literally glows in the dark

Fifty years ago Earl Nightingale recorded a wonderful vinyl record called “The Greatest Secret”. Millions and millions and millions of people have listened to that. It was actually one of the precursors to the movie, The Secret, which is worldwide today.

Earl said this, “Right where you stand, on the ground you are, in the place that you are, you are standing on acres of diamonds; acres of diamonds that are just below the surface of where you are standing. They are below the surface of the way you think about things.”

They are below the surface of perceptions that we may hold or paradigms that we may live from. But just below the surface are ideas that will generate opportunities, financial support, relationships, a life that you have been longing to live.

Today let’s dig a little underneath the surface of things and discover what ideas God just might have for us.


oh, and eat the rainbow


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