strings, no strings attached

so, here is proof I actually got the harp.

and here is the Thomas book I am studying.

and make today count by counting.

do you count?

That’s a little bit like asking someone if they floss every day. We all know we should, but that doesn’t mean we all do it.

From my very earliest days of piano lessons (before I was allowed to start harp lessons) my teacher made me count aloud. I wasn’t a fan of it and I didn’t always do it, but I am certain that early discipline helped me become a speedy sightreader.

Ask any experienced teacher and they will tell you that they can always tell when a student is counting and when they aren’t. Students who count don’t make the same number or type of mistakes that non-counting students do. They learn faster and are more confident.

I reveal more of my thoughts, and the reasoning behind them, in today’s blog post, “Why Counting Counts.” I hope it inspires you to strengthen this invaluable musical skill!

Why Counting Counts and Why You Should Be Counting

And if you’ve never tried counting aloud before, or it feels too confusing, here are the first steps to take:

1. Put the metronome on, and with no music at all, just practice counting, saying the numbers and matching them to the metronome clicks.

2. Try tapping the rhythm of a piece you know well and counting aloud while you tap. And finally…

3. Play one hand of that same piece, counting aloud while you play.

Repeat this three-step process several times and you will find that counting is easier than you thought!

by   Anne Sullivan.

also, setting boundaries is healthy, not selfish.  No strings attached.




bullying and name calling isn’t acceptable.  Forgive me for when I have done that.

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