Eleven eyes

to look behind and reflect: what did I do right, who do I need to forgive and let go of and what can I gain a new perspective on instead of being bitter about it?

To look inside: what do I need to stop doing or thinking that is not working for me anymore.  What do I need to start thinking and doing?

To look at whose other opinion I am hanging on to and let go of the need for approval.  the only person who needs to approve is my inside guts telling me this is right, this is alive.

To look around: oh, there are other people on this earth. To be with those who build life and liberty instead of those who tear you down. To see beauty and to ask God, the Creator to help me see what is good, what is pure, what is lovely.

To look ahead, into the future where possibilities still exist.  To play for others, to visit beautiful places, to sign petitions and call those in political office to take action to get the tyrants out of office. So we can have a fair society.


to look up to a higher power, to that power that says , yes, be more, increase my territory, that guides, that flushes out the dirt and cleanses me, so I can be fresh. That power that says take action and be fierce. Our God is a warrior, not a liar, not a con artist.  Our God is the pure air, that gives you space and place and liberty.


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