washing my eyes so Ican see , lights, camera, action

so I went to Jobs Partnership on Tuesday night and the lady there told me that the doctor told her to start washing her eyes. I thought that was a good idea, so I starting asking God to wash my eyes as I run water in them to to let there be light so I can clearly see what is going on.  A friend is coming over today to take a picture of me in front of the harp. Also, I ordered the harp cart. I took action, instead of procrastinated and felt the fear but took the action. and invested in my business, my harp business.

I had to make amends to WDW and so yesterday, I showed Steamboat Willie to the kids in fourth grade.

Sent letter to school requesting they re-instate my eligibility. And am going to use next week to apply for a career I will enjoy.

Writing, giving seminars. Playing the harp. Money, I love money!! Seriously, it offers options, freedom!!

What would I love, What is my dream? travel, play the harp, enriching relationships, family is happy, hurts forgiven,  a career where I educate others and empower them and bring about a good social change. >My own home.


Take Your Life Back Affirmations from Steve artberburn New Life


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