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everyone has their limits and I had to limit my exposure in order to protect myself.  And yes, sometimes I build walls that keep intimacy out, but not really. I go to meetings and meet with others and share on a deeper level. The buttons get pushed though. I just read Take Your Life Back. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself.

  that’s far enough partner!


I love you and care about you and want you to get healthy. At the same time though, I cannot tolerate your deceit, lying, blaming and finding fault with me because you are so insecure. I am sorry that mom or dad didn’t love you enough, I am sorry you were wounded as a child. Don’t take it out on me.  I do the same thing. I am not so perfect. I let my anger control me because I sense danger, even if it’s not real. You hurt me, you threatened my security, you tried to malign me and make me feel less than. It’s not your fault. We inherited some sins, if you will. the anger, the alcoholism, the … whatever.   I hated you for it, but saw that was your coping mechanism.  I can’t change you, but everyday, I ask God to help me forgive you so it won’t power over me anymore. this anger, this fear, this hurt.  Or at least, feel it, but focus on creating a great life for myself, by playing the harp, writing, teaching, going to meetings, walking, joyful, joyful.


I need to heal. Boundaries by Dr. Henry cloud

A subscription service based on Dr. Henry Cloud’s bestselling book


Also, sent picture for website, got harp cart and need to put it together.

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