Lament, Swim, Write, Tap and worship

I didn’t go to church. I went swimming and live in grateful contemplation of him who presides over us all. I did go running and drink vitamin c and turmeric. Went home and sang, O worship the king.

Read Lamentations 3 at the chapel. sometimes, you just need silence.

Went to the college and am doing the Gabby video on anxiety.

I honor my experience and where I am now.

Here’s today’s writing tip: just do it. It will go badly. Keep your butt in the chair—it will start to go a bit better—not much, but you’ll have some momentum going. Make one terrible passage a little better Encourage yourself like you would a friend, for the courage to try.

Yeah, they hurt me, yeah, I think I have forgiven, yeah, it’s okay to have money. Yeah, pay the bills and move money into accounts that will yield better interest and be more secure.

Yeah, the past is over, yeah, I can work. I apply to jobs I really want.

It’s Orlando!  I honor my journey.

Tourette’s syndrom, OCD, Jezebels, swimming pools, mocking is not a good trait.

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