Doris Day, Tim Conway, Duck Update

Well, saddened to hear about Doris Day, and I listened to Que Sera Sera in her honor.

Before I get to Tim coneay, whom I am also saddened about, quick duck update. so mother duck had little duckling and they were all swimming in the pond and it was sweet. But yesterday when I went to the pool, I found out that mother duck got run over when she was in the street and now the other ladies caught little ducklings and are gonna see about putting them in an aviary or displacing them to another lake so they can have access to a mother duck and learn how to fly and forage.

So yes, saddened about Tim Conway as well.

I went to Biolife this morning to donate blood, but my iron count wasn’t enough and so they wouldn’t let me proceed. I still think it’s a good gig because I am giving plasma, cells renew which we need to get rid of old trauma to let new good experiences in and we can change our DNA and I get paid.

Two more weeks and then schools out. After that… something new.

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