I had to turnaround three times this morning.

  1. I left my purse at home so had to turnaround and go back to get it. I ended up going to the Wawa on 436 instead of 17-92 and once again had an upsetting situation regarding a certain employee who seems to not be able to do her job. i brought it to the manager’s attention and got a 5 dollar gift certificate. So, was late to the park. Did that and then went to go get on the highway and stopped to see a place which was gross and disgusting and became thankful and appreciative of where I live now. Got on the highway but there was a really bad accident and I had to turn around and went to the bookstore at the Episcopal Church and read a book called  the Emotionally Healthy Adult, which I am not. so I sat down and read it.
  2. This is from the women’s Book:
  3. Emotionally Healthy Woman Study Guide
  4. Let go of expectations or at least voice them.
  5.  Here is the first lesson.


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