tapping, Teledoc, the Troggs

I did this tapping exercise yesterday and today so I could heal from the inside out. I have a cold and cough probably from being insulted and not snapping back and keeping it inside, which I really wanted to insult back, but there has to be another way to address an insult without being mean. I’m working on that. I can’t control other people, (I want to though) but I could have said, “and maybe God wants to teach you how to save money in a savings account and to ….” I’ll stop now. But why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your neighbor’s eye when there is a log in your own?  Went to a meeting last night and it was about emotional sobriety. also, i had a dream about Treat williams.  Not sexual, just his face in a glass. Weird.


so, I contacted my insurance company and teledoc is a covered service. Therefore, I am going to register and get healthy. Yay. We like benefits. It’s an abundant universe.

No such thing as a coincidence. so this song by the Troggs called Love is everywhere was playing the other day and had been going through my mind for a couple of days. So this morning when I went to the store to get coffee and vitamin C, guess what was playing on the overhead? that’s Right, Love is Everywhere by the Troggs.

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