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let’s get sympathetic over the parasympathetic system

the parasympathetic system: The parasympathetic nervous system is one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes called the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic system conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, … Continue reading

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Let your “Yes” be yes and your “no” be no

So I said no, but then allowed myself to be talked into saying yes, and then was dreading it and so I told her I couldn’t stay overnight and she got upset and I take responsibility  for that. My reason … Continue reading

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freedom, home

Now my soul hath elbowroom.   —William Shakespeare If we spend too much time together we are bound to grow weary of one another. This would happen regardless of who the other person was. In a family, we need some … Continue reading

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We all have gaps in our lives. Some are self-imposed; others are imposed upon us. Let’s look at our gaps: the gap between stimulus and response. This is the gap when something happens to us and, what Jack Kornfield says, … Continue reading

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  trying to see people through fresh eyes.   My part: Dr. Henry Cloud‏Verified account @DrHenryCloud 21h21 hours ago More People who know how to say “Sorry….my mistake” have the best lives. Period.

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arpa, woof songs, to make peace with it

Arpa is harp in Italian. It was my former harp teacher’s license plate.   Woof songs is little woofie howling. Make peace with it and don’t plan revenge. Grace, not grudges. dr. Henry Cloud: People naturally lash back when they’re … Continue reading

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Cars, Deception, Re direction

Took the car into the shop this morning. the VSA keeps going out. Talked to sponsor about sharing scripture in AA meetings. I can, as long as there is no affiliation. May go to Traditions workshop this week end. Job … Continue reading

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