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circulating, not stagnation. Running and exercising, earning money and paying bills, and receiving and giving love.   kd video Canadian awards https://static.wonderfulunion.net/groundctrl/clients/kd-lang/media/13/15/c9h4c3ytf1f6.mov

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get fixed, handled and fake account

so the past few days, things have broken. The key in the ignition because I was mad and turned the key too hard and my key broke. The handle on the shower and now we have to get it replaced, … Continue reading

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Senryu: you whisper then laugh your judging others reflects insecurity I’m a rose, but dandelions are good too! Both are flowers. It’s just a matter of perspective. yowzir, yowzir, appetizer  

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Climb every mountain, set boundaries, trying kindness

  climb every mountain till you find your dream. do not apologize for being your true self and for pursuing your dreams. Played harp this morning. Got a hold of the guy in charge of music at the Alfond.  Gonna … Continue reading

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I  appreciate all that i am and all that I have. I am enough and am taking life one day at a time.

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Happy Birthday sister

Hope you are happy and fulfilled.   “Like a bird on the wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free.” – Leonard Cohen   Everything has a crack in it, that’s … Continue reading

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Look, what else is there

so yesterday I got on a website called Thumbtack. it’s where you can get services and offer your services.  Another place to make money.  then I called someone for a prayer request and without mentioning that I was on this … Continue reading

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