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open for business

school open this morning. said hi to custodian and played harp for two hours!!  applying for jobs, starting classes. get to move into a better place.  things are looking up.  I got this in the mail this morning; it’s about … Continue reading

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something to grab for

Remember this Ric Ocasek song? the ending is great and surprising, both the guitar and how she drives away. something to grab for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml9ZB98EfzY&feature=player_detailpage we all want something to grab for: a better life where there is space, creative freedom … Continue reading

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I hope I get it

saw a place yesterday and it was clean and I felt at peace and it was by a friend. I hope I get it.  Remember the scene from Chorus line where they are auditioning and hope they get it?  we … Continue reading

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