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Once St. Francis of Assisi, was asked, ‘Why you Francis? Why you? Why did God choose you as a lighthouse to bless this world?’   Francis smiled and said, ‘I will tell you why me. Because there could hardly have … Continue reading

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credible, credit

for those who need to establish credit: Credit shy and Williampaid. I will use these resources since I need to establish credit. I checked the classified this morning and Denver is still on the radar.   Canada for my birthday?  … Continue reading

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jay bird, eagles

Courtney Jaye eagle down, sister came after me with a lie and I had to defend myself. Need to go on offensive. saw place yesterday, gonna call and ask if I can move in. Can’t allow bitterness to creep back … Continue reading

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Boxing Day in London, tick,tick, tick, tick, ticky

today is Boxing Day in London. Since I am an american that has no meaning to me but makes me realize how ethnocentric the USA is. When my dog walks across the floor, I can hear her nails go tick, … Continue reading

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