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shooting star

I saw a shooting star this morning while I was swimming. UPDATE: stormy weather as we get bands from the hurricane here in Central florida. Practicing Acceptance.

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Survived irma

A man’s home is his castle, and you will never take my home away form me again.   and will continue to survive and thrive.  and we got electricity back on ! Yay!! How do you get started with therapeutic … Continue reading

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crushed crutches

I have my crutches: food stamps, savings, excuses. My plan isn’t working, fear, despair, grief, fear of work. i must not fear; instead, anticipate the good that can come to me. live in integrity. In John 5:8 Jesus said, “take … Continue reading

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stormy weather, foggy

this is how I feel right now: I cleaned the bathroom and the house so landlady shouldn’t get upset, but she will. the other people at the place I went to go see in other city want their deposit.  I … Continue reading

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