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mistakes, I’ve made a few

I started my paralegal course yesterday and have already made a big mistake.  I submitted my test without finishing it because it had multiple pages and I only finished the first page. so I pleaded mercy on the court and … Continue reading

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My nuance

so I had a dream I was in Alaska and it was really dark and I walked into the light and we went inside and had a party.   I also dreamed I walked into a bar to tell kd … Continue reading

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I was upset yesterday and needed to vent.  I went to the healing rooms again last night. Obviously I still have some fear inside me.  I love hearing peristalsis when my stomach is digesting food. It means my system is … Continue reading

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I Spy

why do you spy on me?   is it to catch me doing something wrong so you can point out my faults and then you don’t have to look at your own? fault-finders never prosper they do not have the … Continue reading

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truth is a defense against defamation claims

that is what is says in the anti-defamation clause. Anti-SLAAP Rachel Maddow wants suit dismissed the truth sets you free, no fooling

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hands on

your hands sliding down my curvy frame makes me scream because the pleasure is too intense for my repressed body   my hands got to play the harp this morning. I am really liking this B minor piece by Handelmann.  refrigerator … Continue reading

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waiting for the doors to open is the anticipation of the opening of a new chance

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