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Triggers, Tigger and shooting buffalo

I forgive you for hurting me whether it was intentional or unintentionally. I loose you and let you go.  If you are still angry, so is the Angry Therapist. Calm cure: do not resist what is, whether it is your current … Continue reading

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I subbed today for a music teacher. At first I was reticent because of the past negative experience, but she had a video lined up. Tangled tasks to do but they are all good  

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Robert Frost Style poetry

Stopping by window of a lovely lady   Whose life is this, I thought I knew She looks the same yet old and new; She does not see me standing here I want to keep her in my view. To … Continue reading

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It allows you to be comfortable enough for your creativity to flow, so that you can really and truly give your gifts and talents to the world. It gives you the ability to give back financially, and make a positive … Continue reading

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Earth day, asparagus

I am loving the asparagus:  Recipe by ina garten    Here is the interview with Jen sincero about money and writing a letter to it and having an abundance mentality. and here is the emmet fox article about the Seven … Continue reading

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There is no Age

Calendars don’t exist in the spiritual dimension. There is no Julian or Gregorian Calendar in heaven.   so I won’t be getting old. There is no old age or middle age : Emmet fox Few people as yet express God … Continue reading

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my life is a poem The Greek word for handiwork is “poiema,” which is where we get the English word, poem. Poiema is only used two times in the Bible – that’s it! And He uses one of those times … Continue reading

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