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Hi peeps. I am off the board for a while.  I need to make some positive changes in my life and get out of this rut.  I am following a passion and am making an effort to improve the quality … Continue reading

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I caught the eclipse yesterday   Credit:  Richard Bernabe‏Verified account @bernabephoto Aug 21  No filter, 800mm, 1/40 second, f/11, ISO 2000 We all have a dark side.  Got deactivated because of an incident and am looking elsewhere for employment and perhaps, … Continue reading

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what do you want?

Freedom, money to travel, money to help others so they can pursue some security in their lives,  to play the harp for others to bring them joy and peace, to make a lot of money so I can be financially … Continue reading

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resolving conflicts

This book by Kenneth Cloke, a Mediator, is good at analyzing and resolving conflicts. conflict comes from fear, ignorance, pride and the unwillingness to let go of our story and to “suspend belief to examine the story for deeper truths.” … Continue reading

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Ocean’s 11

Hi, I  haven’t been online because I have been working, but read this devotional this morning from Mary Morrisey and liked it: Eleanor Roosevelt said, “All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.”  … Continue reading

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You can use the verb purloin to mean “steal” or “take,” especially if it’s done in a sneaky way. If you sneak a dollar out of your mom’s purse, you purloin it. Purr loined we realized we could face life … Continue reading

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No Deal

This is a great article from Dr. Henry Cloud about boundaries. A desired future:  playing the harp for others and it brings them joy, healing and peace. I get paid and earn and get to travel. I forgive others because … Continue reading

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