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started in California, through the dessert, North Las Vegas, stayed with nephew, to Richfield, Utah, which is beautiful, Glenwood Springs to Denver. long trip.  I will let you know more.   Richfield was beautiful with the red rocks.  Nevada ought … Continue reading

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spices, adventure

spices that reduce inflammation. waiting for grades to be posted. got all A’s. starting again in September. leaving L.A. on Saturday, scared, excited. visiting family, friends, old neighborhood. going, am I moving forward. Cannot go back. move forward.   Joel … Continue reading

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Never Again, Think and Grow Rich for women.

this is the book I read yesterday by Dr. Henry Cloud: Never Again this is a fantastic book but I need to put it into ACTION, not just head knowledge. Never go back to what didn’t work: your habits, a … Continue reading

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paper, harp, gym

handed in my paper for school   played harp this morning, buy a harp? rent?   have to take care of situation at gym.  need to make amends so I have good karma.

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privacy vs. secrecy, bell hooks

“In our culture privacy is often confused with secrecy. Open, honest, truth-telling individuals value privacy. We all need spaces where we can be alone with thoughts and feelings – where we can experience healthy psychological autonomy and can choose to … Continue reading

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Dream Job

article   my dream job: harpist, writer, trivia writer for Jeopardy, teacher, mediator and something involving research and music.

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kerfuffle, verklempt, portend, chihuly

this is the Chihuly sculpture Source:   Search Results ker·fuf·fle kərˈfəfəl/ noun: kerfuffle; plural noun: kerfuffles a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.   verkemlpt:  Verklempt – choked with emotion   Search Results por·tend pôrˈtend/ be … Continue reading

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