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B paper

The professor gave me 10 out of 25 on my paper, saying it was confusing and didn’t meet criteria. I tried to argue a little, but it looks like I got a B in the class.  He said he will … Continue reading

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gobble, gift

Happy thanksgiving. I am staying home and fasting and praying. went to gym worked out and then to market to eat tonight and the guy gave me 20 dollars. called nephew last night and maybe tonight a meeting. just say … Continue reading

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get it out do not need that in my life anymore grasp love don’t settle love

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what was that

so, I am trying to let the memory of what happened in colorado go, but what the hell was that?  Threatening to call the cops to have me evicted because I am freaking freezing? Calling my sister? go ahead and … Continue reading

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not my monkey, not my circus

so I called Lorie and said I will pay security deposit and rent and that’s it. No more changing terms. I have had enough with people’s fears and greed. Also, i am going to ask if we can go through … Continue reading

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easy does it

Dare to believe that you’re being blessed even in the dark places. What’s meant for your harm is going to work to your advantage. so I did not go to the Thursday night meeting. I fell asleep around 6. This … Continue reading

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changing conditions

so that lady who is renting out her room in her condo comes back and says first and last month’s rent plus the security deposit, and I said I cannot afford that and then this morning she is like pay … Continue reading

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