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I am made of crushed coal that’s been formed into a diamond. I am light. I am bright. My bones are linked diamonds, My thoughts are opals, milky and colorful. My heart is a rich ruby and my motives, underneath … Continue reading

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How to Rescue a dog from a car

This is from Assemblyman Steinorth in california

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Turtles, trying, hold on

in honor of Turtle Day, I present a link to my story about Tarquin the Turtle.   Source: WWF‏Verified account @WWF 1h1 hour ago  also, here is a pic of a baby iguana holding on for dear life on my car … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun

All in a summer day by Ray Bradbury. you won’t lock me up anymore bitch!   Photo Credit: Pack Up + Go founder Lillian Rafson in Sedona, Arizona. (Courtesy of Lillian Rafson) Program your brain to filter out the inner … Continue reading

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You are beautiful   DenverBotanicGardens‏ @botanic May 30

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Lions hugging, iguanas and the ACHA, air

so I subbed today and it turned out great. the lady had a pet iguana!  then they had a debate about crow intelligence. we watched a film about these guys who bought a lion cub but then set it free … Continue reading

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Ian Heydecke‏ @BodybyIan May 9 More Peaches, blueberries, beets, carrots, kiwi, spinach, avocado, fiber, ginger, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and… 

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