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same, but different

it was being threatened with not being able to come home. this fear of not having a home and being thrown out. Shelter. it was being yelled at. it was being rejected. it was being sexually assaulted. But I reject … Continue reading

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Savannah, Georgia, Hosea

I’ve been to Savannah Georgia. It’s a quaint, artistic, humid soutern city. There are provincial homes, squares, and the Savannah College of art and Design is there. THE  UNIVERSITY FOR CREATIVE CAREERS Hosea 8:7 King James Version (KJV) 7 For they have … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men, Handwriting on the Wall, The Glass Castle

I accepted an assignment this morning. After my morning routine-I’m learning. We watched Of Mice and Men. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Sad that the dog dies. Reading Handwriting on the Wall in book … Continue reading

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Joyce Meyer‏Verified account @JoyceMeyer 23h23 hours ago More It’s quite common for wounded people who fear rejection to become people pleasers, living their lives according to what other people think they should be and do instead of finding and becoming their true … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday sister, Hiding from Love, Fall

happy birthday sister. I pray for your prosperity-really. a happy home life, financial blessings, health, wealth and a joyful life experience. good work, good people, honesty not deceit, knowing that you are loved and not used and that your guilt … Continue reading

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Bach society Festival

is tonight in Winter Park: These are the Songs: Angels in flight (this is super beautiful) Celtic Concerto Hiaeth  by Finch Serenade for Strings in e Minor Elgar

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Dross. Third time I heard it today: Ezekiel 22:27 get out the dross Marianne Williamson‏Verified account @marwilliamson Sep 20 More We heal through a kind of detox, not just physically but societally as well. Everything has got to come up in order … Continue reading

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