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don’t micro manage me

why do some people feel the need to micro manage others and try to control others without looking at all the dirty dishes and glasses in their own sinks. Mind your own business.  The Golden Mirror ‏@TheGoldenMirror 22h If you … Continue reading

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Harold and herald

Harold and Maude say good bye to your family and go on and preach the good news.  It says that in the book of John. I made the choice to leave here after this semester. go live life. got in … Continue reading

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fortuitous, fruit

I got up and ran the trail and then showered and listened to IFL and it was about judging others.  I then went and worked out and tried my luck getting into school, because it was supposed to be closed … Continue reading

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harps and books

played harp this morning. The school is closed tomorrow for Cesar Chavez Day; I got in.         Ordering books for school: Negotiation Tactics, Getting to yes by Ury, The Mediation Process, People Skills, How to Assert yourself. … Continue reading

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have some class

I  registered for next semester.  My classes are: Negotiation Tactics, Mediation and  Special Topics, Contribution and Social Change.  $2475 for tuition. ouch, but it’s for my degree and after this, I only have two more classes. I wear a sweatshirt … Continue reading

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The Good Wife and Good day so far

I could  not  believe the shocker on The Good Wife last night. woke up tired.  I actually cried over a TV character. Worked out, played harp, went to an AA meeting about letting go and asking God for direction and … Continue reading

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today was like yesterday: I slept in and then got coffee (free sample) and worked out and then snuck into school and got to play the harp. Looking at my music, the teacher dates whatever piece I am working on … Continue reading

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