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bye bye old story

I am willing to let go of the old story. I thank it for making me the amazing woman i am today, but am ready to let Universal Intelligence write a new one.

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Up. Date

So things are looking up. If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to market myself as a harpist. I  joined Thumbtack, but it’s not getting good reviews and there are complaints.  So I am glad I did not input any … Continue reading

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Harp song

Amazing Grace Man of La Mancha I  can play for your wedding, special event or for healing event.  But now I need to get a harp dolly. Here is the website. It’s not finished, but it’s a start.  

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Kissed a dragon

and got my lips burned.  So I subbed and they didn’t let us go early.  Also, I have to check my pay rate. I have a Masters Degree and may be eligible for a higher pay rate. Burned my lips … Continue reading

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food for thought

Today, let’s practice eating mindfully.  Before you start eating your food — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — take a moment and simply put your hand a few inches above the food and bless the food and all the many people … Continue reading

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thoughts and feelings

you are worthy and you are good. we have all done things. confess them, seriously, stop being in denial. is it fear of rejection?  fear of being shamed or not good enough? Perhaps you someone said something to you and … Continue reading

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ask ,seek, knock

Ask for what you want. I would like to ask you to Go Fund Me to take the teacher’s test. I would like you  to hire me as your harpist. I solve your problems. I counsel you to help you … Continue reading

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