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the Ann Norton sculpture Garden. sculpt my life.  School is closed so no harp and to tell you the truth, I am disappointed. I fear losing musical ability, which I will not since once it opens, I can get in … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking In general, there are two kinds of arguments. There are very mundane or even trivial arguments about what is healthy for us to eat or which car uses the least fuel. However, much more significant arguments may be put … Continue reading

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beauty for ashes

I went to Sam Ash since the school is closed and I wanted to play music.  i got on the keyboard and played Moonlight Sonata, Bird on a Wire, Gymnopedie and Gnoissienne. And then I tried my hand on something … Continue reading

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it is still there and I put my name on it.

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saturday senryu

all living things bleed they caw, they cry, they callout from the depths, save me Psalm 42:7 ► New International Version Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. … Continue reading

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Friday haiku

stars, cold, big black sky run up the mountain, see far but still here on ground     no harp, school closed. must get my own. must get my own place. must get a good job, must change.

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Boxing day and haikus

Happy Boxing day. Haiku: I must step forward, seeing only the next step. It’s all a crap shoot. It is warm outside is this really December blessings in disguise. Source:–Plum-Garden-at-Kamata silence between notes catch your breath,  listen, don’t talk … Continue reading

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