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pivot, Roosevelt

so, I left that job: 35 minutes to get out of parking lot, didn’t trust them, finally got paid. Only Renata answered my email.   there are a whole bunch of reviews on the internet machine about them and over 4,453 … Continue reading

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keep moving

The answer came: assert yourself. It is okay for me to exist. It is okay to want what I want.

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I took a debate class in grad school. the point is to argue an issue, not insult people. the elephant keeps walking while the dogs bark.   speaking of conflicts and debates Resolving Conflicts at Work  

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  emailed supervisor about re-processing direct deposit. Fixing fiascoes. Frescoes. flatterers be gone, it’s deceit.  We need friends who tell us the truth.  Note to self: stop flattering and being a fake. try being honest and living in integrity. $101,101 … Continue reading

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Resolving conflicts

so here is the story about Forest Whitaker and solving conflicts in middle school. CSU Dominguez Hills and Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative Partner to Teach Middle School Students How to Solve Conflict “The program infuses Common Core subjects [social … Continue reading

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this be a long life…   I still don’t feel like I belong, except when I am in meetings or at church.  It still doesn’t feel right being here when, secretly, I do want to eventually end up in Colorado.  … Continue reading

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Harp Column Academy

Harp Column academy   where you can learn technique from the Masters.  

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