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Happy Thanksgiving

This is from the walk I took this morning. Also, a prayer for you: The United Methodist Hymnal Number 131Text: Nederlandtsch Gedencklanck; trans. by Theodore BakerMusic: 16th cent. Dutch melody; arr. by Edward Kremser (1838-1914)Tune: KREMSER, Meter: Irr. 1. We gather togetherto ask the Lord’s … Continue reading

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High conflict people, fear of getting caught

A while back I wrote about High Conflict People (HCP). okay then. So this morning I was somewhere getting a cup of coffee and making a purchase and an HCP who has been banned at other stores came in, saw … Continue reading

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Academic Integrity and Festival of Trees

A while back, I was in attending a university in California and was writing a paper and because I didn’t cite correctly, I was let go of the program for plagiarism. I was really upset. So I applied to another … Continue reading

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cold pool again, speaking the truth and Gymnopedie

The pool is cold again. And yes, I realize swimming isn’t necessary to maintain my life and is a want not a need and that I can walk and look at the stars and run and do exercises. But it … Continue reading

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Scissors, Sociopaths and spirituality

My landlady gashed her fingers opening up a tuna can. I helped her put on a bandaid. of course, I didn’t do it with the best attitude and felt a little tinge of guilt. Then the next morning I went … Continue reading

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Gnoissienne and Car repair

Honda quoted me $1500 for the catalytic converter plus labor. ASAP quoted me $939, Autopoint quoted me $602, but there may be more parts they may have to order so 667 at the most. UPDATE: it cost almost $800 dollars … Continue reading

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