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Grief, ducks, rabbits

It’s the eight year anniversary of both mom and gramma dying. Dad too when I was in high school. Different luck for a different duck. Different habits for different rabbits. Different strokes for different folks (which is causing me neck … Continue reading

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02-02-2020, Laughing Wild, My Funny Valentine

So today is 02-02-2020. Backwards and Frontwards numbers. May be a lucky day. Laughing Wild was a play by Christopher Durang. I used to have it memorized. but the line that sticks out is and Moody Madness, Laughing Wild, Amid … Continue reading

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I choose differently

to hear the birds sing instead of cell phone dings. To face the Heavenly Father instead of Facebook. To breathe fresh air and to feel the sun instead of a hermetically sealed environment and to walk and swim and look … Continue reading

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Open up to new and fresh

Asking for Inspiration and walk by faith and be open to new friends and experiences Oh and stop caring or worrying about what others think. Dr. Henry Cloud’s (Boundaries) You Tube page..

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Good grief

Daylight savings time is coming which means we have to change our clocks, and I am sad about this because I get to swim right when the sun is rising. this throws off my schedule. UPDATE: so I went in … Continue reading

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The sun kissed the treetops

Use your survival skills well, and trust God, the Source for needs, help me love with the heart so I don’t have to use my head so much and cause pain with my interactions like someone else did this morning with … Continue reading

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Rilke, once

Everyone once, once only. Just once and no more. And we also once. Never again. But this having been once, although only once, to have been of the earth, seems irrevocable.   —Rainer Maria Rilke In the hopelessness of addiction … Continue reading

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