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Happy Easter

Rise to new life. the past is over, rise up to the present and make small steps toward a better tomorrow. If you like yourself—even though others may not—you’ll make it. When you start to like yourself, other people begin … Continue reading

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cry out loud, sing it loud

Pope says: Amen! @Pontifex to young people on #PalmSunday: “You have it in you to shout! It is up to you not to keep quiet. Even if others keep quiet, if we older people and leaders, some corrupt, keep quiet, … Continue reading

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Bullying and conflict Resolution

This article is from Jason Harper of Harper conflict Resolution: Bullying is a behavior that can be passed on through generations. It often starts in school, but can rear its head later in life in the workplace, social settings, and … Continue reading

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Climb every mountain, set boundaries, trying kindness

  climb every mountain till you find your dream. do not apologize for being your true self and for pursuing your dreams. Played harp this morning. Got a hold of the guy in charge of music at the Alfond.  Gonna … Continue reading

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auras, migraines

I had a migraine headache this morning. Could be the chocolate. the coffee, the stress, the neck.  or the torrential rainfall we had last night building up pressure. Hildegard de bingen , a 15th century mystic/composer, also had migraines.  She was well-respected … Continue reading

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give it away

volunteered at hospice yesterday to play the harp.  I placed the harp in front of this painting I like. give of time, talents and treasures. I also gave away the bath gloves and lotion today.  Whatever it is you are … Continue reading

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desperation, abundance, using anger for good

okay, so you’ve heard me talk about Dr. Henry Cloud ,who wrote Boundaries, and is a mental health guy.  He talks about when we come from a place of desperation, we make irrational decisions whether it be money, jobs, relationships, you … Continue reading

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