Wim, exasperation

Women in Music is an organization to help woman get their music into TV and commercials.


Tried to clean sink and inspector general  caught me using Bartenders powder and had to hear about it, and the blah, blah, and let me show you how to use the brillo and the dishwashing soap and get the freaking lecture.

God save me from being angry this is an OCD, overbearing, controlling nag! Thank you for teaching me how not to be.


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Lament, Swim, Write, Tap and worship

I didn’t go to church. I went swimming and live in grateful contemplation of him who presides over us all. I did go running and drink vitamin c and turmeric. Went home and sang, O worship the king.

Read Lamentations 3 at the chapel. sometimes, you just need silence.

Went to the college and am doing the Gabby video on anxiety.

I honor my experience and where I am now.

Here’s today’s writing tip: just do it. It will go badly. Keep your butt in the chair—it will start to go a bit better—not much, but you’ll have some momentum going. Make one terrible passage a little better Encourage yourself like you would a friend, for the courage to try.

Yeah, they hurt me, yeah, I think I have forgiven, yeah, it’s okay to have money. Yeah, pay the bills and move money into accounts that will yield better interest and be more secure.

Yeah, the past is over, yeah, I can work. I apply to jobs I really want.

It’s Orlando!  I honor my journey.

Tourette’s syndrom, OCD, Jezebels, swimming pools, mocking is not a good trait.

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Horton Hears a Who

So I didn’t go through with that one investment company, my heart wasn’t into it and I listened to my body. so I did something else that I am more comfortable with.


There is always another option. God will provide something or someone else. we can let go of what we are grasping on.


That our great blessings may never spoil us and that we may live in thankful contemplation of Him who presides over us all.


I substitute taught on Friday at a Private school What a difference! It’s like well-behaved kids doing their work and the people were nice. Difference between war zone and resort.

Well, I am exaggerating, which is a lie, because on Thursday  I was at a public school in a music class and we got to watch Horton Hears a Who. The one voiced by Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell and Carol Burnett.

We’re all just a speck.

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today is my mothers’ birthday. Had she lived, she would be 88 today.


Read in the book: Prosperity’s Ten commandments

One of the most difficult things in life to understand is apparently unjust distribution of funds. Hard-working, creative, ethical people not rolling in the dough, and those with undeveloped minds, unethical and vicious, rolling in the dough.

the answer is the difference between lack and poverty mentality and wealth and abundance mentality. I cannot steal, lie, rebel against circumstances, and be mean, and then expect to reap rewards. and although the meany’s may get the money, they are miserable. This calls for compassion, rather than punishment.


but we must give our love, service and and repent of the stealing and the lying and the resenting.

Knock, knock, it’s for you.

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sometimes we have to say enough and set a deadline. Either work as a sub, get another job, and give a 30 day notice in December even though the place is nice.

I can’t do this anymore.

Just as we strive to protect and conserve earth’s energy resources, we can strive to protect and conserve our own. Become more aware of the impact of things, people, and activities on you and your energy.

What feeds you, charges you? What drains and depletes you?

As you grow and become more sensitive to how things feel to you, you’ll naturally grow to dislike and be uncomfortable with whatever drains or negatively impacts your energy. Yes, some difficult, draining situations are inevitable.

But we can learn to protect ourselves in those situations. Sometimes we need to let go of people, places, and behaviors that don’t work for us anymore, that drain, exhaust, and deplete us.

Pay attention to the impact of certain people, places, behaviors, and events on your energy.

Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods, drink certain beverages, go certain places.

Learn to listen to your body, your emotions, and your heart. Be prepared to let go of some things and people along the way. Be gentle with yourself while you do.

Learn to conserve your energy. It is a precious, valuable resource.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted December 12, 2014

Sometimes, it helps to set a deadline.

This can be true when we face unsolved problems, are struggling with a tough decision, have been sitting on the fence for a while, or have been floundering in confusion about a particular issue for a time.

That does not mean a deadline is written in stone. It means that we are establishing a time frame to help ourselves not feel so helpless and to help bring a solution into focus. Setting deadlines can free our energy to set the problem or issue aside, to let go, and allow the Universe, our Higher Power, and ourselves to begin to move toward a solution.

We don’t always need to tell people we’ve got a deadline. Sometimes, it’s better to be silent, or else they may feel we are trying to control them and may rebel against our deadline. Sometimes, it is appropriate to share our deadlines with others.

Deadlines are primarily a tool to help ourselves. They need to be reasonable and appropriate to each individual situation. Used properly, deadlines can be a beneficial tool to help us get through difficult problems and situations without feeling trapped and helpless.

They can help us let go of worrying and obsessing, so we can focus our energies in more constructive directions. Setting a deadline can help move us out of that uncomfortable spot of feeling victimized by a person or a problem we can’t solve.

Deadlines can help us detach and move forward.

Today, I will consider whether a deadline might be helpful in some area in my life. I claim Divine Wisdom and Guidance in setting appropriate deadlines for any problems or relationship issues that may be lingering.

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9 + 9=18 and add some appreciation

Today is 9-09-18. It all adds up. Let’s play the appreciation game so we can get into a better mood.

“Gratitude is the great secret of the mystics, the solution to all problems. Remembering these things…is the way home.” ~

Fresh air, flowers, reading, drove out to church, which took an act of God, and got to talk to someone-which was nice. i appreciated someone taking their time out. I  read Psalms now by Leslie Brandt when I got to the reading room at the All Saints Church. I am thinking of switching things up. It’s so hard to break habits, eh?

Swimming, walking, music. The ability to read.

Forgiving your enemies is one of the most powerful things you can ever do. It opens the door to multiple blessings in your life, including peace, joy, and the recompense (compensation) of God.

it is what it is.

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circulating, not stagnation. Running and exercising, earning money and paying bills, and receiving and giving love.


kd video Canadian awards


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