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I submitted my screenplay, the Senator’s wife, to Imagine Impact, the Ron Howard film company. Dated, but still submitted it. Also, I signed a petition to send to our elected leaders about climate change and refugees and other issues.

Gonna get brave and ask about playing harp at the Healing service or anything else. gonna say thank you to the maintenance guy who covered my literal you know what!


As we grow in relationship with our Higher Power, we begin to believe that home lies ahead, rather than behind us. We begin to see that our homesickness is for a spiritual state instead of a physical place. Wherever we are, we are pilgrims and travelers, not sure of our final destination but drawn toward something more than what we know in this world. We sense that though we are in the world, we are not of it, that we are homesick for a spiritual fulfillment.


Vulnerable: Being Vulnerable

Part of recovery means learning to share ourselves with other people. We learn to admit our mistakes and expose our imperfections – not so that others can fix us, rescue us, or feel sorry for us, but so we can love and accept ourselves. This sharing is a catalyst in healing and changing.

Many of us are fearful of sharing our imperfections because that makes us vulnerable. Some of us have tried being vulnerable in the past, and people tried to control, manipulate, or exploit us, or they made us feel ashamed.

Some of us in recovery have hurt ourselves by being vulnerable. We may have shared things with people who didn’t respect our confidence. Or we may have told the wrong people at an inappropriate time, and scared them away.

We learn from our mistakes – and despite our mistakes, it is still a good thing to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and honest. We can learn to choose safe people with whom to share ourselves. We can learn to share appropriately, so we don’t scare or push people away. We can also learn to let others be vulnerable with us.

Today, God, help me learn to be appropriately vulnerable. I will not let others exploit or shame me for being vulnerable, and I will not exploit myself.  Choice of attention – to pay attention to this and ignore that – is to the inner life what choice of action is to the outer. In both cases, a man is responsible for his choice and must accept the consequences.
  —W. H. Auden


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Vision, Mead Gardens, Father

vision statement

so as you may know, I really do want my own home. As in, Down payment assistance, mortgage approval, buying the place, closing costs covered, moving in, community pool, perhaps a fitness center, first floor or elevator to transport harp, and I get to decorate it, and practice hospitality or invite people over for a book study.

Harp; either for gigs that are paid, or for a healing ministry and to bring joy to others.

Healthy , good body.

Career: Human Resources? Teaching Adults? I applied to be an Adult Academic teach and Career counselor. Conflict resolution? The Legal Field? I am taking that Arbitration class in November for certification.

People: to stop complaining and gossiping about others. To lead the conversation. Speaking Truth to others,

” Have you ever wished there was a better way to talk to a difficult person? Ever wanted to live more consistently in a loving way? Speaking Truth In Love is a blueprint for communication to strengthen community in Christ. The principles outlined in this pivotal work are specific to counseling, and extend to all facets of life, including marriage, family, friendship, business, and the church. Practical in its approach yet comprehensive in its scope, Speaking Truth in Love is sure to become required reading for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a counselor or for anyone else who longs for ways to redeem relationships.”

encouraging, adding love and value to the conversation, love. To have supportive friends who help me envision that future and attract  it and take action steps and not fear what others think or the results. To stop being a people pleaser. But I want the best for people; I want their good.

Money, being a money magnet, either through harp gigs, career, additional pay for a service, a better compensating job, to travel, to give to be rich!!!

I went to Mead Gardens with my friend. nice place.

Image result for mead gardens

Image result for mead gardens

Happy Father’s day. My father was a vet, who lost his hearing, drank, got sober, was overweight, worked as an HVAC, got a certificate to do that, and owned a home. Whatever happened between him and my mother is over now, and I (being crazy Christina lady now) nullify any curses or generational sins upon me in the name of Jesus. I don’t have to be like them. Receive the good, but eschew the bad.

Pool guy came to fix the pool finally. He cursed at me too, but I blessed him. He has problems with women. Some men do; it’s still doesn’t mean I have to take his vitriol, abuse and disrespect. We teach others how to treat us and we speak up.  and yeah, they may insult us, punch is, shoot us, but we speak up.


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Saturday Senryu

Senryu (also called human haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all. Senryuis usually written in the present tense and only references to some aspect of human nature or emotions:


I was mad, but then glad at being shown

how to be and not to be. some are mean, some are clean.

The beauty of the sunrise, showed my eyes

that we all cry

and then I drank some water.

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Must be an introvert

if you despise any sort of required teambuilding or social situation with your colleagues.

If your favorite place to hang out at a party is the bedroom of coats.

Our fears lock us up if we let them. They can prevent us from tasting adventure, from experiencing new wonders. We are often terrified of unknowns and fret about what might happen if we try something new. We worry if new people will like us – if we’ll fit in.

It is natural to be cautious about the unknown, and anything new is just that. But we can keep our caution from becoming fear by taking action, with the faith that we never encounter anything we can’t handle in some way.

Unknowns are merely joys we haven’t met. We hold the keys to our own cages and can free ourselves when we use our courage and inner strength to overcome our fears.

What new joy can I discover beneath my fear today?

From Today’s Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher.
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The more a diamond is cut, the more it sparkles.

There is something of value to be found even in the worst of things. Consider the oyster. When a grain of sand penetrates an oyster’s shell, it irritates the oyster, making it uncomfortable. The oyster relieves the pain by coating the sand with a soothing liquid. When this liquid hardens, a pearl is formed. The very process that healed the oyster creates a precious jewel for others to cherish and admire.

The way in which we deal with our own frustrations – painful though they may be – can make a difference. Pearls can be formed from our experiences, making us wiser and stronger, or grains of sand – anger, bitterness, resentment–can remain embedded inside us. The choice is ours.

How can I turn my irritations into pearls today?

Shine brightly today, do not dim.

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Perform your work

Credit:      2 hours ago

Come, Love! Sing On! Let me hear you sing this song – sing for joy and laugh, for I the creator am truly subject to all creatures.
  —Mechtild of Magdeburg

Recovery without joy and song and playfulness is incomplete. The beauty of music uplifts our spirits and shows us the face of our Creator. For many men, music is their means of meditation and conscious contact with their Higher Power. When we experience the creativity of a musical piece, as it speaks to us, we take a step beyond the practical world, into the profound level of creation.

Some people say, “How can you celebrate when there is so much suffering, so much to grieve about?” We have grieved; we continue to grieve alongside our joy. But we need not pour all our energies into the painful and sad. Life is also wonderful. Music and dance and the joy of good fellowship enrich our lives and strengthen us to go on.

Praise the spirit of our Creator for all that is given to us!

I am thinking of taking this class:

Saturday, June 29
3:00pm – 5:00pm

At [place redacted]. 

Learn how to “perform” your work live, engage your audience and add value to your writing from writer Jeff Rembert and comedian Natasha Samreny.

Start doing what you love and the opportunities will come. There is hope.

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Wonder Women

I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

Worship with the harp and worship as a warfare tool.

Worship, in the context of singing, is even used as a form of warfare in the Bible (see 2 Chronicles 20:21). They put a chorus of singers, musicians, and worshippers at the front of the army to sing, worship, and declare God’s glory as they advanced! When we divorce worship from the reality of warfare, the result can be an apathetic, neutered, “me-centered” worship, not worship focused on God’s glory as the ultimate goal.

New Living Translation
And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away. 1 Samuel 16:23

Words of hope and wonder and praise and gratitude.

“I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness, and I will sing praise to the Most High” (Psalm 7:17). This verse of praise is a celebration of God’s victory over enemies. We see this pattern over and over in the Psalms. Psalms 3, 5, 9, 18, and 20 (just to name some in the first 20 of the 150) contain similar refrains of praise in response to God’s victorious intervention. So how does this pertain to worship in our modern culture? What can we learn from this Scriptural pattern?

Words and speaking a prophesy of uplifting and inspiring and what can be.

Words and magic were, in the beginning, one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.
  —Sigmund Freud

We shape our experiences with the words we use to describe them. Word images create expectations and we naturally move toward them. When a man says, “I can’t!” he is commanding his unconscious self to be helpless. When he has a picture in his mind of moving toward his goal, he may say, “It’s hard, but I’m going to give it my best effort.” If, every time he makes a mistake, he mutters berating statements to himself like, “You idiot! You can’t do anything right,” he is teaching himself to be inadequate.

It’s our responsibility in recovery to use respectful, honest, health-giving words. We can no longer use defeating, shaming, or derogatory words. Our language has a hypnotic effect on us and the people around us. So let’s look at our resources today and name them. Let’s meet our difficulties with our strength, our patience, and the backing of our Higher Power.

Today, I will call forth images and use words to show I respect myself and others.


Met with a mortgage specialist this morning and he showed me what can be but I really do need to get a better paying job. not just for the money, but for my professional life since substitute teaching (although I am thankful for it) cannot be the 10 year plan.

Went and met with a professional harpist yesterday and got some tips on how to market myself. In the meantime, I could use the nextdoor app to get someone to help me get the harp up and down the stairs. I also talked to the guy at Whole Foods who also does woodwork and he can make a board for me to slide the harp in and out of the car. So I can transport the harp easier instead of lifting it. The fulcrum:

  1. the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots.
    • a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation.
      “research is the fulcrum of the academic community”


Also, I am learning how to play que Sera Sera on the harp.

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