I caught the eclipse yesterday

  Credit:  Aug 21

No filter, 800mm, 1/40 second, f/11, ISO 2000

We all have a dark side.  Got deactivated because of an incident and am looking elsewhere for employment and perhaps, still start my own business in Conflict Resolution.  Get cards, get a website and just start marketing to schools, to businesses to …

would you date you?  I can be a selfish jerk sometimes.  but then other times, I am fun, enchanting and smart.

Passion plan:

  • Lay the foundation for living a passionate life, so you can become a conscious creator of your own reality.

  • Discover your top 5 passions and create a vision for the life you truly choose to live.

     education and teaching, travel, music and the arts, money and finances.
  • Discover your unique genius, how your brilliance expresses itself and what that means for your relationships, how you make decisions, who you need to team up with, and how you are most effective in creating success.

     who you need to team up with, this is important, it’s about whom you hang around with.
  • Discover where you are on the spectrum of wealth and learn the specific steps you need to take in order to move to a more abundant level.

  • Identify three (3) projects that will help you increase your income in the coming year and where you need to start to make them real.

     recording and marketing, public speaking
  • Learn specific practices to help you stay on track and connected to what you care most about, even when things get rough.

  • Create your plan of action, a step-by-step plan for infusing your life with greater passion and purpose.

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what do you want?

Freedom, money to travel, to play the harp for others to bring them joy and peace, to make a lot of money so I can be financially secure, to not live in the unreal world of always having things right, but having the capability to believe that I can handle it.  provide for family, yes even the sister, and perhaps start a business.

There is wonderful freedom in NOT needing your approval.

Got deactivated from the subbing service, because yesterday a student wandered off property and the sub coordinator called it in. So I am off duty right now. Therefore, I took this time to start with an organization called Jobs Partnership and am still studying to take the Social Science test to become a teacher. But I did have an interview to be a sales assistant with a real estate company .

people i enjoy. Truth and honesty. Get rid of anger.

What do you REALLY, really want? Clarity. Freedom. Harp, travel, to make a lasting legacy, an impact, knowing I left society a little bit better through education, lightening their load, millionaire. Passive income that is more than living expenses.

Peace, money, and playing the harp.  terminate hate. Arnold

so when you see someone who isn’t in your tribe, do not run in fear or judge, instead say I fill you with love and peace.

Life planning class from T. Harv eker

will play harp tonight. Made schedule to get recorded.  Need to get it rescheduled because of group inventory. Maybe to the ninth.  Called and rescheduled.

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resolving conflicts

This book by Kenneth Cloke, a Mediator, is good at analyzing and resolving conflicts.


conflict comes from fear, ignorance, pride and the unwillingness to let go of our story and to “suspend belief to examine the story for deeper truths.” p. 3


I am going to keep studying for the test and if and when I pass it, become a teacher and maybe teach kids to love and tolerate each other and to vote and become engaged and teach them how to behave.  But first, I need to learn this myself!  Note to self: Please practice what you preach.


stop killing each other

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Ocean’s 11

Hi, I  haven’t been online because I have been working, but read this devotional this morning from Mary Morrisey and liked it:

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.” 

No matter what the problem, financial situation, history, or whatever difficulty is around you; let it be around you. It’s a circumstance. It’s around you but it is not meant to control or determine your internal weather. Our internal weather comes from our state of mind, and the state of our heart.

Let us keep our mind and our heart focused on gratitude and appreciation.  Gratitude is a harmonious vibration with abundance.  All the water in the world can be around us and we can float on top of it, in fact, what we find is that the ocean delights to lift us up as we let go.

source  Image result for floating on water

On this day, let us let go, let God, and be lifted up and supported by an ocean of abundant good.

Here’s To Smooth Sailing,

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You can use the verb purloin to mean “steal” or “take,” especially if it’s done in a sneaky way. If you sneak a dollar out of your mom’s purse, you purloin it.



we realized we could face life successfully,  p.63 big book of aa

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No Deal

This is a great article from Dr. Henry Cloud about boundaries.

A desired future:  playing the harp for others and it brings them joy, healing and peace. I get paid and earn and get to travel.

I forgive others because they, too, are in pain and fear.  God, I want to release you from your prison.

My own home: my colors, my artwork, my friends coming over.

Teaching and engaging students so they want to vote and make a difference in society.

Lots of money, to travel, to help others, to get a new Honda even though I LOVE my honda now.

Shoes. Put yourself in their shoes. want new shoes.  This will make sense.


Friends who travel to Vail together, stay together ⛰

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A&W Rootbeer, Ralston road, restraint of tongue

My first job was scooping ice cream at Mountain Delights at the mall.

The next summer, I worked at A & W Restaurant where the specialty is the root beer and the curley cue fries.  It was across the street from the city swimming pool on Ralston road.

you can’t go back, you can only go forward.

I listened to the message this morning: Restraint of tongue and pen. Pray about it instead.

I also played the harp this morning. Sonata in B minor.

If I had my own airline, there would be a pet den.  We wouldn’t put the animals in cargo.

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