give it away

volunteered at hospice yesterday to play the harp.  I placed the harp in front of this painting I like.

give of time, talents and treasures. I also gave away the bath gloves and lotion today.  Whatever it is you are lacking, give it away and it will come to you. Expect nothing back.  It really works.

helped landlady put together her new vacuum. Fun, fun.vacuum

Still need to make another doctor’s appointment to get a check up.


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desperation, abundance, using anger for good

okay, so you’ve heard me talk about Dr. Henry Cloud ,who wrote Boundaries, and is a mental health guy.  He talks about when we come from a place of desperation, we make irrational decisions whether it be money, jobs, relationships, you get it.  that is why making gratitude and good for me lists brings us to a place of peace and then the mind can make better decisions.

He also has this video about when we are angry, or any other emotion, it is a signal.  So when we are angry at a government official, we can peacefully protests and use out voice to speak up.  I act in spite of fear  I act in spite of doubt, I act in spite of worry. I make a lot of money and help a lot of people. I have something to offer and it is my mandate.

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so they are doing some sort of cleaning and glazing for the brick driveways this week end and we are without being able to park. I parked there last night, but this morning, there was still no sign of them showing up. so I called the owner and asked what’s up? this is an inconvenience and when… you get the idea. Anyways, He called them and now miraculously, they will show up today, but we are without parking for the entire week end.

so I get fed up being the landlady/slash elderly lady’s go fetch it girl and I spoke up that I am not the errand girl, but it seems this week end, I had to put together a new vacuum, take the old one to batteries and bulbs, and might have had to take her grocery shopping. but I guess they are knocking on her door and telling her to get up and move her car out of the garage. So, for two days, parking on the street, boo hoo. I could be grateful I have a vehicle that transports me places.

also, volunteering to play the harp this week end and a neighbor has said he would help me.

#transporting harps

Speaking of which, got this story form Mary Morrisey this morning:

What if every single thing that was happening in your life was actually a vehicle for good?   

What if everything in your life was part of a good that you can’t even comprehend but can trust anyway? 
Hafiz, the 14th century poet, asks “What if you were playing chess with the most intelligent, wise Being that ever existed in the entire universe and that Being wanted you to become master of the game. Where would every piece be on the chess board that would help you become the master of the game?” 
Your life is set up to realize your mastery.   

This is so that you have the greatest opportunity to become self- realized.   

So take a moment today and look for the good. It’s there, I promise!

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gun control

I substitute taught at a high school today and they had kind of a “supervised” walkout and protested and asked for gun control.

We have to find a way to get rid of the NRA.

Florida school shooting

Also, a supervisor called me during my shift and I answered and then she told me to not answer the phone during a shift.  Hello, you are the one who called. so guess what, I won’t answer anymore.

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acceptance and justice

  1. “Accepting oneself does not preclude an attempt to become better.” – Flannery O’Connor

  2. “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life” — Nelson Mandela

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Not packed for your guilt trip

Oh, I didn’t do what you wanted to at your beck and call with the happy Stepford wife smile because you sit there all day and expected me to take out your trash, pick up your mail, put up with your constant country music, and pretend to not be human and I get the manipulative guilt face.

Sorry, bags not packed for that. I’m done.

Packed to travel and live.

“Spirit Dance” ~ Sunset over Canyon de Chelly, Canyon de Chelly NM, Arizona | ©Russ Bishop ~ Quality view:

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people say stupid stuff. (PSSS) blow it off. They don’t know what is best, they don’t own you. How. Stop and think, is there any truth in it or is that just that person’s opinion. Don’t take anything personally.  Look with curiosity. I notice how I got triggered, because maybe I think they are right?  No, because I am doing enough, I am good enough. It’s safe to give my feelings a voice and no concur. I choose to believe, I am good enough, I am worthy of love, I am worthy of a good life, it’s okay for me to be rich and enjoy life to the full. This person does not own me. I cannot control her, but I can control my thoughts, I can believe it is okay for me and risk rejection.

Be set free from prison.

Daily Devo

Knowledge. do the investigation because knowledge is power.




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