I’m not the biggest Elton John fan, but this got me:

Regarding my next door neighbor:

I’ll try kindness. If that doesn’t work, i’ll go back to threats, name calling and telling her to mind her own business. Or: set an intention to be present with goodwill, then let go. Repeatedly setting a kind intention got her through the two months without being terrified or burned out.


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Psalm 122:5-6

 English Standard Version (ESV)

There thrones for judgment were set,
    the thrones of the house of David.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
    “May they be secure who love you!

Security and safety and peace in the city.

princess on her throne and her phone

I don’t bow down to you

The love of Christ controls me

and I have to be about his business,

not in yours. I have a right to answer the call on my life. but I know I need to be respectful and not harsh and soft words and compassion. We’re all in pain. 

No, it’s not selfish, it’s healthy.

Don’t put people on thrones.

“If families didn’t break apart, I suppose there’d be no need for art.”—Loudon Wainwright II



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anxiety and pain, or peace

can’t speak for others, but I got used to the running and wanting and the anxiety and pain, that sitting in my patience and letting what I need doesn’t feel normal. Need to be okay without pain, but it feels odd, eh?

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Sappy, happy, silly poem

sapp stands for self-absorbed pampered princess. Judge others much? Maybe I am self-absorbed and pampered. and what’s wrong with being pampered and treating yourself to luxury?  Maybe it’s okay to think it’s okay to some luxury and pampering and that it’s okay to enjoy life, even when there are natural disasters and leaders roaring and wars and the dogs biting.

Music maker for the baker

be a giver, not a taker.

gonna play Mendelssohn Meditation and Scarlatti Sonata in d minor tonight.


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Ajahn Chah said, “You have so many view and opinions, what’s good and bad, right and wrong, about how things should be.  You cling to your views and suffer so much.  They are only views, you know.”

I see through eyes of love. I hear through ears of love. Remove scorn and contempt from me. Psalm 119:28

egrets have no regrets.

Got another chance today.

All things are possible with God!

Today’s Positive Thought

Expect the impossible and prove God right.

Today’s Positive Affirmation

I expect the impossible because God is capable and willing to provide it for me.

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Propaganda and Poetry

These are the most common propaganda devices:


My Papa’s Waltz

The whiskey on your breath
Could make a small boy dizzy;
But I hung on like death:
Such waltzing was not easy.
We romped until the pans
Slid from the kitchen shelf;
My mother’s countenance
Could not unfrown itself.
The hand that held my wrist
Was battered on one knuckle;
At every step you missed
My right ear scraped a buckle.
You beat time on my head
With a palm caked hard by dirt,
Then waltzed me off to bed
Still clinging to your shirt.

Grisly News:

Company that profited from the sale of the gas that killed the Jews.

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pro-conversating: that’s when you think ahead of what you are gonna say to someone if they say this, then you’ll say that and already you have an argument, defense and slam dunk to put them in their place and of course, you win.

Just listen at the time it’s happening, try to have some empathy which shows you care about them, which totally disarms them. but go in knowing what your resources are, what you the real deal is and be prepared to lose. Perhaps you then make a spectacle of them and reveal their true colors. Or not. We’re all in the pains of growing up. God relieve me of being angry, this is a sick person, how can I be helpful.

Jack Kornfield


Wise intention and skillful service need to be nourished by periods of quiet and prayer. Every great tradition includes some from of the Sabbath. In the West we inherited the blessing of the Christian and Jewish Sabbath. Muslims have Friday as their holy day, and likewise Hindus and Buddhists renew their vows of simplicity on full moon, new moon, and quarter moon days. When I was young, Massachusetts had Sabbath “Blue Laws” requiring all forms of business to stop on Sundays. But now, one generation later, we have twenty-four-hour supermarkets and twenty-four-hour banking, seven days a week; our consumer society has claimed the right to operate without constraint. This is a recipe for burnout.

A spirit of service to one another and to ourselves grows out of different soil- out of moments of remembering, moments of prayer and blessing. If we pay attention to the cycle of our breath and the beating of our heart, there is a tiny and necessary pause between each. To beat for our whole life, the heart must restore itself in the stillness before each new beat. Spiritual maturity also requires such periods of Sabbath, where we step out of commercial time into that which is timeless.  Jack Kornfield

Sometimes, doing service work or donating clothes to an organization is the way out.

Played harp at the gratitude banquet last night:

Set list: Angel, by Sarah McLauchlin

Bird on a Wire, by Leonard Cohen

Gymnopedie, Satie, Gnoissienne, Satie

Concerto in B flat major, Handel

Danny Boy, Irish air

Sonata in B minor, Scarlatti, Sonata in D , Scarlatti

Habanera, Bizet

Stairway to Heaven, harp version

What a Wonderful World,

Quando men vo, Stand by Me,

The Impossible Dream from man of La Mancha

and some glisses.



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