Conflict Resolution class, Five Blind spots, Honor the discontent

Conflict Resolution. I taught a class yesterday at the library.Conflict Resolution 7-21-18 Edgewater

One of the things I need to learn is to see it from the other person’s perspective. Went to church this morning. Blessed are the peacemakers, it’s an active verb! also, listening to the heart, does this give me peace? Is this best for all?

got to read Five blind spots. 

by Steve Arteburn

Honor your discontent.


also, foster children. I want a place of my own because maybe i could be a foster parent? Nice thought, but could I handle it? I took a class at Ed X on Journalism for Social Change:

and learned about the foster care system and how the children get drugged.  I can write. I can do something. I can contact.  Then freaking do it and stop talking about it!

Also, gonna take the workshop about homeownership, and contacted a harp teacher to maybe start lessons, maybe see what’s happening.


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Bird by Bird, Bird on a wire, own it

Giving a writing talk tonight off coast of Greece. Here is what I’ll say: No one cares if you write, so you’d better. NO ONE in your family wants you to write a memoir, but do it anyway. You own EVERYTHING that happened to you. Bird by Bird. Shitty first drafts. Butt in chair.

I tapped this morning to release the resistance of moving forward.
Then I logged into my class on Ed x and this week’s assignment is to post a playlist of songs that make you feel good and lift you up:
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Bare Necessities

Hi. I tried to sing.  Look for the Bare Necessities from Disney’s Jungle Book. this is for my Ed X class.


also, spoke at Recovery Center this morning and got to share my story. Told landlady no last night to a request that was not my job and set boundaries. don’t care if you think it’s selfish, we show and tell people how to treat us.

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Breathing, What you think


What you fear may come upon you, so what are you thinking? I can change my thoughts and think that something good is coming. New friends, new job with added benefits.

Source: Tony Robbins podcast

[05:40] The power of a thought
[06:10] Answering your question from a different perspective
[06:40] Even the worst human beings’ behavior has a positive intent
[07:10] Whenever you’re in pain it’s because you haven’t found the higher purpose
[07:25] Changing your perspective
[07:40] Coming from a place of pain
[07:59] Reacting based on conditioning
[08:25] The intent versus the behavior
[08:35] In a place of fear, you will never find the solution

Making mistakes and solving them is how you learn how to love yourself
[32:35] What must you be like to attract this person?
[33:15] It’s a pattern, it’s not you
[35:00] How you act when you believe your thoughts
[36:05] Your response to your trauma
[36:30] Anger gets you certainty
[37:45] Aly finds 3 specific things to transform
[40:20] Where do you judge your parents?
[40:55] Let go of the story that we’ve attached to
[42:15] You don’t want to live with regret
[44:35] Forgiveness, letting go, learning, understanding
[44:45] 3 ways out of suffering
[45:00] You only suffer when you focus on yourself
[45:15] Shift your thoughts to what you can appreciate

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GMO’s, ME’s and a prompt

GMO: God, Myself and Others.  Making peace with God, confession, truth,

The Lies We Tell (Ourselves)


What are you telling yourself, about yourself, that’s just not true?  Perhaps i am worthy of a life of my dreams. I do have the money.  I can do it.

What aren’t you giving yourself credit for? Playing harp, moving, website, trying.

What do you think you want to be or do or have—physically, spiritually or even emotionally—that you in fact already are, already do, or already have?  Emotional stability, a voice, gumption.


Others, forgiveness, letting go, it’s not working, not buying their bullshit.

Service and helping.


Money and emotions: stable, out of control?  Stable today.

Here’s the prompt:

Are there subjects about which the people who know you would say you are psychologically sensitive? Things people avoid bringing up around you? Are there even smells, words, sounds or objects that bring up very painful memories for you?

How intense is the pain? What do you do to avoid triggering it? What would it feel like if you could be free of it? Would you be willing to allow it to come up and burn itself out?

Burn itself out.

yes, you did hurt me. Yes, I choose to be around others.

Spend your time and heart on honest people. It is often too risky to get involved with people who lie.

Also, I think I need to stop drinking water from plastic bottles.

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no more re-traumas, Marianne, mothers

this video is from my class.  Governments shouldn’t traumatize citizens.


and I shouldn’t re-traumatize myself by remembering the situation. Forgive.

also, Marianne has a point:

 21h21 hours ago

  1. There are 3 main components to peace creation: 1)Create more economic opportunities for women, 2) create more educational opportunities for children, and 3) address more vigorously the unnecessary suffering of millions throughout the world.

  2. Given that in the 20th century it was women & children – not combatants – who mainly died in wars, it is preposterous to say that national security is not a “woman’s issue.” It’s women who need to take up the banner that waging peace is the only way to create a world without war.

  3. Statistically, it’s rich men who decide what wars to fight; poor men have to fight them; and mainly women and children die in them.

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All the Lonely people, Abide in Me

So I started a class and was able to make a video:

Dr. Henry cloud:

Hey, guys.

Simply put — You get what you tolerate. In text, it can look like a harsh truth, but let me explain.

This phrase holds true whether you are raising a puppy, a child, a direct report or a spouse. (Hopefully you’re not raising a spouse, but it happens.) It holds true when you are negotiating a deal, working with an account, or supervising an employee. It will come into every context of life in some form or another. Many times it is innocent, like in very good relationships. One person will have a habit or practice that is not a problem for him or her, but is a problem for the other person. If the other person tolerates that behavior and does not talk about it, then it will remain in place until the other person finally says, “Excuse me, but you are stepping on my toe.” And in good relationships, the ebb and flow of the relationship is to talk to each other about what you would wish not to have in the relationship, and then you will not have it. That’s normal. 

It is especially important to remember this when dealing with the kind of person who does not observe their own behavior and correct it when they become aware of it. It’s vital for you to set limits with these people. Their behavior must be limited in its ability to affect you. If not, you will only get more of it.

If we can’t say no, we cannot be separate from toxic things that could compromise our lives. More about that here.



So I am putting up with a self-absorbed elderly lady who thinks that everybody is here to serve her. We are here to serve each other, it’s a give and take. Also, she uses her aches and pains to manipulate others.


Are you focused on your bad behaviors or are you focused on loving God and loving people? One way leads to your breakthrough. Joyce teaches on where our focus should be below!


Okay, she has a lot of good things too, she is generous with her bread, She keeps the house clean and it’s quiet at night and I enjoy swimming in the pool, like I got to this morning at sunrise and I get to keep the harp there

and life is good and challenging. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems but I need to focus on what I want so I get pulled into the magnet of something higher and better: travel, playing harp for others, transporting the harp easier, getting paid on time, writing stories, I am taking this class right now:

BerkeleyX: J4SC101xJournalism for Social Change
my own home.
and play music
so, continuing the story, I go to Whole Foods to get coffee and the old guys are there and one keeps looking at me, and not in a good way, but I didn’t return the gaze.

so I am upset too about the children not being reunited with families and I am wondering how I can be part of the solution and am willing to step up and willing to sign petitions and VOTE!

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