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Zou Bisou bisou

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Egrets have no regrets

Egrets have no regrets they live their purpose. so I lied, and am having an attack of guilt. I contacted them and found out how to remedy the situation. Honesty, amends.  I have to be honest though even if it … Continue reading

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Look, what else is there

so yesterday I got on a website called Thumbtack. it’s where you can get services and offer your services.  Another place to make money.  then I called someone for a prayer request and without mentioning that I was on this … Continue reading

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Screenplay and dramas

I did it! I entered The Senator’s Wife into the Vail film Festival Screen Writer’s Competition: Seem the senator’s Wife has a secret and it could prevent him from getting elected. Oh no!  But as we say in recovery, … Continue reading

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Eleven eyes

to look behind and reflect: what did I do right, who do I need to forgive and let go of and what can I gain a new perspective on instead of being bitter about it? To look inside: what do … Continue reading

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one moment

at a time what can I do today to take positive action toward a dream or a goal?   to handle what needs to be handled. #AllOfMyEssence to #SantaFeNM AKA #TheCityDifferent! We hope you enjoy your stay! Look forward to … Continue reading

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