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Horton hears a who

What you are and what you do are separate. Ina shame based mentality, it says that who you are is not good or flawed and that is the lie. you are good, you are worthy and your are love.   … Continue reading

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remind me again

  the thing about sociopaths, pathological liars and narcissists is that they do not respond to the truth.  they only think, “will this give me power or money>?” you keep thinking they will play right, but it’s not going to … Continue reading

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Lies produce confusion

Beth Moore ‏@BethMooreLPM 4h4 hours ago There’s no deception truer than self deception. We’re all privy to it. If we have never called out the liar in ourselves, we are not free. Beth Moore ‏@BethMooreLPM 4h4 hours ago There’s no … Continue reading

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Water Knows the Way

  I see, or do I? I cry. I feel it, though it’s not feeling. It’s unnerving and swerving. Like the spring at the top of the mountain making its way down, naturally flowing Into the gush that pushes the … Continue reading

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speak truth to power

Speak truth to power Lies produce confusion; truth clarifies. Truth isn’t easy, but it flows. In the deliverance ministry, an octopus often represents the spirit of mind control.  That is what liars, controllers and abusers do, they try to mind-control … Continue reading

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I dreamed a tornado was coming. I think we all know what that stands for. I ran back into the house and secured the windows. I saved Toto, who was my little white west highland terrier from my youth. this … Continue reading

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Joking, not

those who make a sarcastic comment and then say “only joking”- no, you’re not. You’re hurting. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment” synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, … Continue reading

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